About Mary J.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, the city where talent is born, Mary J. is the successful salon owner of Mary J’s Hair Studio in Memphis. Today a renowned specialist in extensions and hair care, Mary J. knew at the tender age of fifteen, when she was first introduced into the hair industry, that this was the career that would garner her remarkable success. Mary J. was born into a family that respected quality, creativity, and entrepreneurship: her father, a respected businessman, her mother, a born leader and visionary. Mary J. was taught from a very young age to have high standards and to invest in herself.

Mary J’s cosmetology education began in high school, where some of her instructors quickly recognized the natural gift and creativity she had for styling hair. She completed high school and received a full academic scholarship to LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee. There, Mary J. quickly became known for her leadership skills and style… and, of course, the way she wore her hair.

A determined business woman, Mary J. graduated from LeMoyne-Owen College in the Spring of 2010 with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Immediately following graduation, Mary J. eagerly applied to Paul Mitchell The School Memphis, to complete her vision of formal education for herself. Soon accepted to the prestigious cosmetology school and with a college degree under her belt, Mary J. continued the pursuit of her dream to become a well respected hairstylist/entrepreneur. While at Paul Mitchell, the director, instructors, and students were astonished by Mary J’s unparalleled skills, encouraging spirit, and confident leadership qualities, which she exhibited each day. She stood out as a natural leader who expected nothing but the best from herself and those around her. Upon obtaining her license in cosmetology, Mary J’s work was featured in the International Strands Magazine in 2011 at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show.

Committed to expanding her brand while showcasing her unique talent, this hair extraordinaire has launched a new hairline known as Mary J’s Hair Collection. 2016 has proven to be a year of creative expansion with other ventures that Mary will be premiering soon such as her new line of fashion and apparel, hairstyling tools, and exclusive hair care products. Mary believes in giving back to the community through Mentorship Programs, Obesity Awareness by forming her own The Biggest Loser contest motivating her clients on the importance of obesity, and Breast Cancer Awareness by donating and participating in The Walk for the Cure campaign.

With her natural creativity and intuitive skill for listening along with her passion for hair, Mary is able to transform and create styles for a diverse and elite clientele. Through her travels, mentoring, and styling hair, Mary has acquired a wealth of knowledge in creating different styles and techniques that have made her skill set a rare commodity. Paul Mitchell The School Memphis and her former high school, Whitehaven High, have adopted Mary J. The Hairstylist where she enjoys volunteer teaching, mentoring, and being a role model to the future entrepreneurs.