Questions commonly asked by customers.

Please read the following hair care instructions carefully before installation, as well as the care instructions provided with each hair purchase. Proper maintenance for your bundles and closures is necessary for the longevity of the hair.

Trimming the ends of your extensions is highly recommended. Our hair extensions are 100% human hair, so like the natural hair, if split ends are not trimmed, they can cause tangling as well as matting. Upon installation, trim about 1-2 inches off to add fullness, a more lustrous look and longevity to your extensions.

 Shampooing wavy or curly textured hair before installation is recommended to allow curls to form in their natural state. Regular maintenance on curlier textures is necessary to prevent matting or tangling. Simply wet the hair daily, or as needed, brushing thoroughly with a wig brush to help detangle hair and reshape curls. Using water or leave-in conditioner is suggested, as foam or other products can cause buildup.

 Lace closures are very delicate and can easily shed if not properly cared for. Gently brush or comb closures when styling to eliminate shedding.

All hair has minimum shedding when combing no matter the hair type or texture. To eliminate extreme shedding when combing, start from the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up until all hair is thoroughly detangled.

Mary Js Hair Collection is 100% virgin hair. It is not blended with synthetic fibers.  It is odorless, tangle free, shampoo and color safe.

All hair textures are 3.5 oz.

Yes, however, shipping fees can not be added until pricing is confirmed by shipping company.

There is no minimum or maximum bundle order requirement.

Yes. The minimum order for wholesale purchases is $1500. Orders are able to be mixed with bundles, closures, and frontals. (Must contact company via email at sales@maryjthestylist.com for wholesale orders). 

We recommend the same moisturizing shampoo that works well on your own hair. However, Paul Mitchell or Dove Moisture is our favorite. Please be sure to deep condition the hair frequently to deposit moisture into the hair.

No, all hair must be purchased online. We ship worldwide.

Single bundle and bundle deals are available. We recommend bundle deals for bigger discounts on our products.

Spray curly textures with water and brush the hair often to detangle. Sleeping with large braids in the hair is a great way to protect the hair from tangles. Curly textures can be pressed straight, however, we only recommend purchasing the curly textures if you will be wearing them in their natural curly state.

Most orders are shipped out the following business day, however our shipping policy is 3 to 10 business days in the event that an item is currently not in stock.

We do not offer overnight shipping.